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The post-stage PLACEMENT of IHMA guarantees the highest percentage of employment in Italy.

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  • Placement

INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY currently has the highest absolute post-stage placement in Italy, thanks to the development over the years of a real expertise and winning methodology to favor the professional integration of the participants, which involves both a methodology of inflexible selection, the provision of excellent teaching content, a pragmatic learning methodology, but also the transfer to the participants of the right hotel culture, highly appreciated and sought after by professionals.

The actual entry into the companies of the participants with a regular work contract at the end of the training period is currently 92%, exceeding more than 10 times the National average in the STAGE/RECRUITMENT Report, according to official data disseminated by FEDERALBERGHI and by the National Institute of Statistics (ISTA), both around 9%.

In-company placement rises to 95% 3 months after the end of the training phase and to practically 100% after 1 year form the end of classroom phase.

The duration of the contracts proposed to the participants ranges from 3 months to 2 years renewable, until the contract of indefinite duration is reached, and of professional positions ranging from operational, middle-management to managerial.

The monitoring carried out by IHMA clearly confirms that a participant entering the world of work, albeit with a work contract of a few months, does not come out of the professional sphere practically anymore.

Placement takes place in the most important companies in the hotel industry, such as International hotel companies as HILTON INTERNATIONAL, STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS, MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL, renowned for their demanding competitiveness standards. Currently IHMA participants work in over 23 countries worldwide such as China, Russia, United States of America and UK, confirming the strong international expatriation of the training provided by IHMA.

The efficiency of the teaching provided by IHMA, which trains professionals and not students, allows the host companies to confirm to participants very quickly their recruitment, with 1 participant in 2 receiving a job offer on average between 30 and 120 days from the start of the 6 months internship.

Since 2014, IHMA notes a clear tendency for the participants to be hired directly after the classroom phase, without even undertaking the traineeship phase anymore, as the possession of an IHMA Diploma is a clear distinctive competitive advantage for the Companies and it is relevant on the labor market.

INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY informs that PLACEMENT is  under official certification by a neutral control body, in order to guarantee total transparency and reliability.

The result of this certification process will be available to all candidates during the selection session. IHMA is the first training center in Italy to implement this transparency process to fully protect candidates.

As demonstration of the seriousness of our Academy, IHMA invites interested candidates to contact directly the ex-IHMA participants in order to personally verify what is stated on this page.

Here are our 3000 candidates included in the International Hotel Industry!

Elena Giramonti


Giusy Urti


Sofia Filetti