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What we do

INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY proposes internationally advanced Professional Training courses for Management and Hotel Management, aimed at both young graduates and professionals in activity, from the owner of hotel structures to the General Manager.

The peculiarity of IHMA is to be exclusively specialized in this types of training, making our Academy the specialist in Italy of the Hotel Management Training.

The training courses, provided both in Milan and in Rome, have the aim of guaranteeing the participants the acquisition of a high technical level professional preparation, always able to support and allow the development of high level careers in a short time, or to allow decisive professional quality leaps for candidates already working in hotels.

After attending the IHMA training course, the candidate profile becomes clearly managerial with high development potential and high International profile.

The Academy boasts numerous candidates who, even shortly after having completed an IHMA training course, hold management or consulting positions in International Hotel facilities.

IHMA has always distinguished itself from other training offers for highly qualification teaching content, often unique in Italy, which is the result of an important research and development work of the Institute, and for the strongly marked and distinctive concreteness of its teaching method, which perfectly reflects the way of working of international hotel facilities.

At the end of the training course the candidates are really ready to enter the world of work as they are trained in an efficient and pragmatic way, while the candidates who already work can drastically accelerate the professional career profile.

For this reason, the INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY has never been considered as a simple center of study and training, but as a real company where the participants actually learn to work.

At the end of numerous MASTER courses, which always have as priority the professional placement of the participants, IHMA guarantees the carrying out of a 6 months stage-phase in the best companies in the hotel sector, 5-star individual structures or hotel chains, both in Italy and in over 45 countries worldwide.


The training courses offered are only accessible after passing a strict selection phase in order to admit only the best candidates, provide a mandatory presence of the participant, an intense personal work parallel to the classroom phase, and are also distinguished by the provision of the Diplomas and Certificates, which take place only in case of overcoming a minimum level of professional performance by the participant during the classroom phase.