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The Business School

of the Italian

Hotel Industry

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The reference in Italy

of High Hotel Training

Who we are

The INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY is the reference institute in Italy for the International Higher Education of Hotel Management best rewarded by industry and professionals for the excellence demonstrated over the years, with over 20 sponsorship received from its creation by the most prestigious associations in the sector.

What we do

INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY proposes internationally advanced Professional Training courses for Management and Hotel Management, aimed at both young graduates and professionals in activity, from the owner of hotel structures to the General Manager

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INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY currently has the highest absolute post-stage placement in Italy, thanks to the development over the years of a real expertise and winning methodology to favor the professional integration of the participants

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Our Partner

IHMA boasts active relationships with more than 1,200 hotels, both in Italy and in over 45 countries worldwide, including China, England, Spain, Germany, Madagascar, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, France, Russia, or even countries in Southern Asia...

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The most important training offer in Italy in International Hotel Management

The world-class Master for a high-level management career in the international hotel industry


Masters specialized in High Professional Training to manage the various Departement in the International Hotel Industry


Masters of high technical update exclusively reserved to professional, delivered in week-end version and compatible with the work activity


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High training master


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