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Active learning

INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY is not a training institution but a real hotel company where the participant actually learns to work.

IHMA brings together hotel professionals who teach other future professionals to work in practice.

It is for these reasons that in just a few years, IHMA has become the training center preferred by professionals and companies in the hospitality sector and for those wishing to start a career in the hospitality industry.

To guarantee the participant a training that can be spent immediately in the working world, IHMA employs a methodology in all the training courses called ACTIVE-LEARNING: theoretical learning is constantly supported by professional exercises, able to simulate concrete and real work situations.

During the training course, the participant does not study but really learns to work according to International professional standards.

In each training course, the candidate is involved for about 50% of the classroom phase in real practical exercise, making each training session intense and demanding, especially for candidates who already accompany the training path with a professional activity.

The benefit for the participant of this pedagogical approach is therefore to be immediately ready professionally at the end of the training path and enter even more competitive in the hotel facilities, without any loss of time. The participant immediately becomes a reliable and operational resource for the hotel structure that welcomes it, confirming the immediate creation of a professional reputation and of a personal winning image.

The numerous job offers received by IHMA every year by PARTNERS COMPANIES, even in the case of a complete search of the company staff for the opening of new hotel facilities, are mainly motivated by this fact.

IHMA informs the participants that the candidates rate of satisfaction about the teaching methodology used, monitored through an anonymous questionnaire at the end the each training course, always exceed 90% with oscillations ranging from 91% to 97%, evidence this that guarantees the use of an effective teaching methodology for the participant.

IHMA has coined and legally protected the term ACTIVE-LEARNING since 2014, a term immediately taken up by numerous training organizations that use only terminology in an abusive manner without supporting it by concrete facts.